Cage for Four Sticks

RELEASED: 11.29.2012
PRODUCED: 41 Copies
DESIGNER: Stephane Chomine
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Rosewood / Sycamore / Holly / Sapele
COMMENTS: This attractive piece of art is also a dang tricky puzzle. Four sticks interact with a straightforward cage in vary non-straightforward ways. The unique level 24.6.3 solution means what it says - this puzzle's not joking around.Figuring out which piece goes where is only the beginning, since some of them switch around during assembly. Order at your own peril - I'm shipping this assembled in the spirit of friendship - craftsman is not liable for any lost sleep!

Construction of solid wood throughout, from milled pieces to milled endcaps on the cage. Fit is nice, snug but room to move. Add a slight bevel and you have a fine puzzle worthy of cubicdissection's stamp of approval.

Each puzzle signed and dated; in total 41 copies were made for sale.

SIZE: 2.75"

34 26 15