Building Block

RELEASED: 6.9.2017
PRODUCED: 39 Copies
DESIGNER: Tim Alkema
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
COMMENTS: This puzzle is such a good idea I'm fairly surprised no one did it before. I'm very glad Tim did...he really came up with a brilliant puzzle. Sixteen standard burr pieces interlock serially with only one solution to form a cube. You might think that beveling the edges would give the solver hints, and you're right. Building Block Burr is difficult enough that the bevels were intentional to give you guys a chance! Otherwise the unexpected and tricky six move routine which surprises you in the middle would be nearly impossible.

Construction of this puzzle was tricky...we left the ends unbeveled so the cube would have a solid appearance. That in conjunction with the Wenge (which is very brittle) required a couple new techniques to keep the cuts extra clean. I'm quite happy with how this one came out - the solid wenge is very dark and textured.

39 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped assembled.

SIZE: 3"