Two Burrs in a Corner

RELEASED: 7.26.2013
PRODUCED: 41 Copies
DESIGNER: Logan Kleinwaks
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Jatoba or Walnut Box; Goncalo Alves, Bubinga, Cherry, Zebrawood, Mansonia, Mahogany, Granadillo, Leopardwood, Canarywood, Sucapira, Paduak and Purpleheart pieces.
COMMENTS: I've been in correspondence with Logan for a while about several designs. He was investigating the concept of interlocking burrs with pieces that also compose a packing puzzle. After he swing several ideas and designs by me, I told him I'd really like something that had a unique solution both as a packing problem as well as a burr problem. It took him a while, but wow did he come through!

Two Burrs in a Corner is an extraordinarily difficult puzzle. To start, The burr pieces will pack into the corner only one way. But that's just the beginning. When you remove the twelve pieces, there are 28,540 ways to construct a single burr. And only ONE way to make two burrs. Thats's right...there is a unique combination of pieces that will allow you to construct two burrs, which seems insanely improbable to me. On top of that, both burrs are high level (5 and 4 respectively).

Many thanks to Logan for pressing on and finding such an elegant design. Also thank you to Ishino for his analysis of the problem and for providing the solution I'm sure many of you will eventually ask for :)

Handcrafted from choice exotic lumbers, the fit and feel of this puzzle is very precise. I'm very happy with how it turned out! 41 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. Ships assembled in the cube configuration.

SIZE: 2.65"

34 26 15