Beaulid Box - Puzzle Box

RELEASED: 2.1.2009
PRODUCED: ~40 Copies
DESIGNER: Joel Freedman / Eric Fuller
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Peruvian Walnut, Carolina White Ash, Quilted Maple, Steel, Acrylic
COMMENTS: My latest box is the only box design I have collaborated on since the Stickman #4 with Robert Yarger, nearly five years ago. Generally I like to design my own boxes, but when Joel sent this design in for the Coffin Puzzlecraft Competition, I knew it was too good an idea to pass up. We worked together to make the solution a bit more difficult, and the result is something special. To my knowledge no other puzzle box uses the mechanism nor solving methodology that the Beaulid does.

This box shares some attributes with the IRMO box. Once solved, the entire mechanism is visible. While most puzzlers like that feature, it makes it difficult to post pictures. Here is a link which shows the box partially opened…if you are a purist and like to attack new items from a completely unknown standpoint, I highly recommend you do NOT have a look.

Individually crafted from fine Peruvian Walnut, the construction features finger joints for strength and good looks. Each box is individually signed and dated.

SIZE: 3" x 3.6" x 4.8"