Band Cube

RELEASED: 8.14.2014
PRODUCED: 32 Copies
DESIGNER: William Hu
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Acrylic and Ash / Bloodwood / Bubinga / Canary / Paduak / Walnut
COMMENTS: I'm a sucker for combined board and stick burrs that display well when made with acrylic. Band Cube is one of the best such exmaples I've seen! Constructed with fine hardwoods and precision laser cut acrylic, it really does look great and will nicely compliment the other "jewel" type puzzles I've made in the past. With a level 5.8.2 solution, it's moderately difficult.

Fit is excellent; should not have any issues with humidity.

32 made for sale, each signed and dated. Ships assembled.

SIZE: 1.5"

34 26 15