RELEASED: 10.3.2017
PRODUCED: 47 Copies
DESIGNER: Adin Townsend
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Wenge, Canarywood, Granadillo, Maple
COMMENTS: Amulet is a tricky and interesting variation on the standard six piece burr. To quote Allard's blog post about it: "He’s fiddled around with a standard six-piece burr and added a few constraining voxels around the middle and shorted one of the axes… adding those voxels makes all the difference it turns out – without them there’d be 144 solutions, with them the solution is unique… and quite tricky!"

Construction of this puzzle is excellent, with a nice fit that will tolerate a fair amount of movement.

47 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped assembled.

SIZE: 4" x 4" x 2"

34 26 15