Trickster Puzzle Pouch

RELEASED: 9.6.2008
PRODUCED: 20 Copies
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Premium Kidskin Leather
COMMENTS: I ran across this interesting puzzle pouch while browsing online. While not extraordinarily difficult, it is an interesting item. The design is said to date back at least 100+ years. This pouch was made by American Indians and played with as a game. It was predominantly seen in areas colonized by the French, so it is possible that the design dates back much further.

I've named it the trickster bag in honor of the Trickster god which plays a part in many indiginous belief systems. A pouch that's difficult to open...surely the trickster would approve! The image of Kokopelli adorns the front of the pouch - Kokopelli symbolized many things in native American belief, among them that of the Trickster or prankster.

Wihile there are a limited number of this pouch currently available, I do plan on making more later. Each pouch is precision laser cut, and stitched by a friend of mine. They bear my new "ESF" logo, which I designed for items produced with the laser.

SIZE: 4"x8"