Tri Again

RELEASED: 11.1.2008
PRODUCED: 24 Copies
DESIGNER: Frank Potts
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Walnut / Maple
COMMENTS: By now, repeat customers are aware of my love for 3 piece burrs. When Frank emailed me this puzzle I was very interested by it. While it has the appearance of a three piece burr, it uses six identical pieces to make a stable and difficult assembly.

The construction was quite challenging - at first I tried to mill the square hole by gluing a single piece into the channel left by a router bit. However, I could never get the endgrain to match, even when I used the same plank of wood. I settled on a glued up symmetrical assembly which is attractive and stable. The internal pieces are milled from solid stock, and a spline reinforces the weak .25" square internal joint between then two internal pieces.

While I would like to be able to price this item more attractively, it was very labor intensive to make and I have brought the price down as low as I am able. Given the beauty of the final assembly and the precision of its construction, I am convinced it is an excellent value for a very interesting and unique design.

Each puzzle is signed and dated. Ships disassembled for your solving pleasure!

SIZE: 3"