One Piece Packing Puzzle

RELEASED: 11.1.2008
PRODUCED: 42 Copies
DESIGNER: Simon Nightingale
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Cocobolo / Beeswing Quilted Walnut / Tulipwood / Ebony
COMMENTS: Designed By Simon many years ago, it has been some time since a high quality version of this fantastic puzzle was made available. The One Piece Packing Puzzle is a very tricky application of a magnetic property that not many are aware of. The simple goal is to get the cube to stay put in the box, but no matter which side you insert it seems to want to bounce right out!

While the puzzle looks simple to make, it is anything but. There is more than meets the eye to this particular item, and I have tried to keep the price as low as possible considering the considerable amount of work it takes to make them. Crafted with some of my finest solid stock and veneers, this puzzle contains strong magnets and should be kept away from credit cards, mechanical watches, pacemakers, peacemakers, cumquats and anything else which could be adversely affected by strong magnetic fields.

SIZE: 1.75"