Flower 2 Interlocking Puzzle

RELEASED: 11.1.2008
PRODUCED: 10 Copies
DESIGNER: Michael Toulouzas
CRAFTSMAN: Michael Toulouzas
MATERIAL: Bubinga / Olive / Palisander
COMMENTS: A hearty welcome to the newest cubicdissection.com artist! Mike Toulouzas has been making high precision original designs from his location in Greece for some time, but his work is been very difficult to aquire until now. His first contribution to the site is his excellent "Flower 2" puzzle.

Here is Mike's desctiption: "The flower two puzzle, is a hard puzzle to solve. It has six dissimilar pieces and one solution.It really looks like a flower and it is not recommended for people who get mad easy!"

Each puzzle is beautifully crafted from fine Bubinga, Olive and Palisander and hand polished to a nice matte finish. The puzzles come with a sealed certificate and each is signed, numbered and dated by the artist.

SIZE: 3.5"