Five Piece 28 Interlocking Puzzle

RELEASED: 5.1.2011
PRODUCED: 30 Copies
DESIGNER: Stéphane Chomine
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Walnut / Gum
COMMENTS: I was searching for some new designs to make, and wandered over to Ishino's site. It had been a while since I checked, and I found that Chomine was putting out some interesting creations using internally studded frames and notched sticks. I chose several designs which I felt gave a good sampling of appearance and difficulty, and emailed him for permission. Stéphane agreed, and so I'm happy to be able to offer some interesting new burrs.

Five sticks 28 is exactly what it says it is; five sticks into a box, with a level 28 solution. Tricky and confusing, with a lot of dead ends and movement. The single crosspiece is a unique touch, and deciphering the orientation and timing of insertion is very difficult.

SIZE: 2.25"