Five Minute Puzzle That May Take Longer Puzzle

RELEASED: 9.15.2010
PRODUCED: 36 Copies
DESIGNER: Andy Turner
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Oak Box / Bubinga or Paduak Pieces
COMMENTS: The official name is "The Five Minute Puzzle That Might Take Longer". I've been wanting to make this since I played with it during the IPP29 design competition. The designer was coy, and I didn't receive permission until Nick vouched for after long ado, here it is! 5MPTMTL is a tricky little guy, with a parity issue that I'm not smart enough to explain. Since it took me (a lot) longer than 5 minutes to solve, I suppose I'm not smart enough to decipher it either. Thankfully I am smart enough to make it, and the result turned out pretty well.

Each piece signed and dated; 36 copies made for sale.

SIZE: 2.6"