Three Stick Puzzle Interlocking Burr Puzzle

RELEASED: 3.8.2009
PRODUCED: 15 Copies
DESIGNER: Mike Toulouzas
CRAFTSMAN: Mike Toulouzas
MATERIAL: Rosewood, Paduak, Zebrawood
COMMENTS: Presenting another puzzle from the talented Mr. Toulouzas! His Three Stick Puzzle features precision execution of his excellent new design. As always, we are proud to have Mike aboard…his puzzles were notoriously difficult to acquire in the past, and it’s with great satisfaction that I am able to make them more widely available here on Cubicdissection.

Here are Mike’s comments regarding the Three Stick Puzzle: “The 3 sticks Puzzle is an attractive looks puzzle. The name comes from the 3 woods passing all from center. The 3 colors wood might give away some percentage of the solution, but its worth for the presentation sacrifices, plus the pieces are somewhat confusing so the solution is a bit frustrating.”

SIZE: 2.5" x 3.5"