Two Piece Oddity

RELEASED: 2.2.2005
PRODUCED: Approximately 20 Copies
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Walnut / T'Zalam
COMMENTS: Sometimes I end up spending more time on a puzzle then I can possibly recover in the sale price...usually because I want to try something new, or because the way to do it right is time consuming. This puzzle is one of those items! The reason is the cage...because of its design, I was worried about the solidity if I simply cut and glued the pieces together. So, I dissected it into a combination of lap and mortise / tenon joints, somewhat like a Japanese kimuki puzzle. In its finished form, the cage is very strong indeed!
Anyway, this puzzle is a very interesting Tom Jolly design. With 2 pieces, the goal is to remove the "oddity" in the center, and replace it. While not extremely difficult, this is a fun puzzle that is visually appealing. I had a single board of the T'Zalam lumber, and it was a pleasure to work on this project. Wish I could find some more!
Each puzzle is signed and dated.
SIZE: ~3 Inches

2 Piece Oddity

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