2N #5- Interlocking Cube Puzzle

RELEASED: 3.8.2009
PRODUCED: 8 Copies
DESIGNER: Rob Stegmann
CRAFTSMAN: Scott Peterson
MATERIAL: Walnut / Birds Eye Maple
COMMENTS: The 2nís cube #5 was designed by Rob Stegmann in 2007. The puzzle consists of 8 interlocking pieces which assemble neatly into a 4x4x4 cube. Each of the pieces is comprised of 2 n-tetrominoes, similar to the 2nís #1 design. However, for the #5 design, all 8 pieces are different and this design is more difficult to assemble than the #1.

The #5 design is the result of a computer-assisted search Rob did (using Andreas Roverís wonderful BurrTools program), trying to find a better design than the #1 he designed originally by hand.

The patterns appearing on the faces of the cube have been arranged using 2 contrasting woods to form 5 special blocks on each face.

SIZE: 3" Square