2N #1- Interlocking Cube Puzzle

RELEASED: 12.15.2008
PRODUCED: 13 Copies
DESIGNER: Rob Stegmann
CRAFTSMAN: Scott Peterson
MATERIAL: Jatoba & Yellowheart
COMMENTS: The 2n Cube #1 cube was designed by Rob Stegmann in 2003. The puzzle consists of 8 interlocking pieces which assemble neatly into a 4x4x4 cube. Each of the pieces is comprised of 2 n-tetrominoes, joined together in 4 different ways (4 pairs of differently shaped pieces). Thus, 2 of each piece comprised of 2 n-tetrominoes, and Mr Stegmann?s last name also has 2 n so the puzzle name is quite fitting! The puzzle is considered to be of moderate difficulty.

In addition, through some experimenting by Scott and Rob, the patterns appearing on the faces of the cube have been arranged using 2 contrasting woods to form 2 n-tetrominoes on each face. By luck (serendipity!), the placement of the contrasting woods forms pairs of pieces which have the same coloring.

SIZE: 3" Square