2 in 1 Puzzle

RELEASED: 4.28.2006
PRODUCED: 13 Copies
DESIGNER: Oskar Van Deventer
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Various Assorted Hardwoods
COMMENTS: Oskar Van Deventer designed this puzzle quite some time back, but to my knowledge it has not yet been available to collectors. This is a very difficult interlocking puzzle. So called 2-in-1 because the first puzzle is to figure out what shape it makes, and the second is to make that shape. Ingenious design using full dados instead of higher level cuts actually makes finding a solution more difficult, as the open spaces concealed in the puzzle allow many more false solutions.

Constructed of some of my finest exotic and dense hardwoods, this puzzle is substantial and heavy. Once solved it displays beautifully. Each piece handcrafted, signed and dated by the artist. 13 copies made for sale.

SIZE: 4.5"