Twelve Straight / Twisted - Interlocking Puzzle

RELEASED: 5.9.2008
PRODUCED: 28 Copies
DESIGNER: Yukio Hirose
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Mahogany or Maple or Walnut or Narra
COMMENTS: This is a fantastic puzzle design. I wish I had made more copies of it! With a staggering 10,800 solutions and only 4 constructable, it is decievingly difficult to's easy to get all but one piece together, but that last piece is the trick! It is a very fun puzzle to solve and displays very nicely because of the interesting joinery on the edges. Crafting this puzzle was a challenge, which is why the price is a bit higher then I would like. However, I think you will find the extra effort I put into it worthwhile. Many of the notches go straight up into the endgrain - this is a very difficult cut to make because if you use a saw blade it will burn the material badly. To solve that I created a series of jigs. I roughed out the vertical cuts on a table saw leaving the top and sides .01 under. The finishing cut was made with a router, resulting in clean and very accurate joinery. Since the tolerances are so accurate, I made an imperceptable taper on the horizontal cuts - the ends are .006 undersize and taper to the full .25 to aid in assembly. Each puzzle is signed and dated. 28 Copies made for sale.
SIZE: 2.25"